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Lots of progress, little updating

21 November 2007

A lot has happened since the last time I've posted:

  • I've got SAML 1.1 working with LifeRay Portal. This was for a demo, but the code could be used in production (IMO). It works in the same way that the existing CAS filter works, except that there's a lot more code responsible for validating SAML.
  • Been poking around with the OpenSSO Federation Libraries. I'm trying to find a SAML 2 implementation that I can use (quickly), and the OpenFedLib libraries seem a bit more intuitive than the upcoming OpenSAML2 implementation. (Probably because I haven't taken the time to figure out their XMLTooling) I've got SAML2 tokens shoved into the InfoCard IDP, too bad there are exactly 0 RPs that'll support it. :)
I'm really excited about the Claims-based architecture stuff that Kim's been talking about. We're been looking at such an approach for assertion translation/normalization. More on this later.
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